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Come and play at our Dinosaur Park/Playground in Pafos. Special Prices on Birthday Parties!


Call: 7000 9697
 Email: info@planetgames.eu


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About Us

Planet Games is the #1 Toy Vending Machine and Amusement Game company in Cyprus. Our company currently operates the largest number of toy vending machines and amusement games in all cities of the island. We place our games in primary locations such as malls, playgrounds, luna parks, hotels, restaurants etc. All of our machines can be placed at your location for FREE.

Why place one of our vending machines?


- Additional Profit for your Business

- No Costs

- No Maintenance

- Additional Entertainment for Children

- Easy Operation

- Fast Technical Support

- Limited Space Needed



Free placement at your location, No electricity, No costs!   



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